Letter: To Memory Gardens, "Shame On You!"

Regina Ingram
The Daily Times


I am fighting mad! How Dare Memory Gardens throw a Symbol of our Freedom in a Dumpster!

Recently, I was on Facebook, where there were some pictures posted that were recently taken at Memory Gardens. It showed a 3/4 full dumpster with decorations from Memorial Day in it. On the top of this pile were the small American flags that are put out to remember our veterans and others. How dare they do that, they could have kept them all together and called The Boy Scouts or the VFW, who have ceremonies to dispose of the American flag properly.

But to discard them like garbage is a slap in the face to all Americans. Our flag is a symbol of freedom and should be treated with respect, no matter how big or small. Memory Gardens should be ashamed to have treated our flag so badly. Also, the flags should have been left up at least a month not taken down after only a week. How can they do this? Not only is it disrespectful and hurtful to our veterans and their loved ones, but it is disrespectful to this great nation.