Letter: Thanks to rescuers, stranded man's life saved

Marica Craig Farmington
The Daily Times

I recently had a business scheduled to do a service for me on my property. This business called me to reschedule their service for another day, saying they had a story that would explain why.

The story is there was a young man (this business owner's son) stranded in the wilderness. There were three young men who happened to show up and found him in desperate need. They stayed with the young man at the site and on through his journey to the hospital. It was only a matter of hours before the man could have lost his life, if it wasn't for their help.

I just wanted to say that it's so encouraging these young men took it upon themselves to see that this man was tended to properly. I wanted to send a "God bless you!" to them and let them know that it's inspiring to know there are people like this who are so responsible to go to lengths to help their fellow humans. I hope there can be some way to repay these fellows. Thank you!

Marcia Craig, Farmington