Letter: Climate changes daily, but is not affected by man

Robin Glass Bloomfield
The Daily Times


Your "suicide note" political cartoon in your April 27 newspaper was very offensive. It berated Congressional Republicans for blocking attempts to fight climate change. Climate changes daily, but is not affected by man. There has been no significant rise in global temperatures in more than 10 years. Because of this truth, the purveyors of "global warming" changed their mantra to "climate change," but their real socialist purpose remains unchanged — to increase our taxes, limit our energy usage, destroy the American middle class, redistribute our wealth, limit our freedoms, ultimately to destroy U.S. capitalism and reduce our status to that of the rest of the world.

The biggest "greenhouse gas" is water vapor! Without it, life would not be possible on planet Earth. Carbon dioxide is a very small portion of our atmosphere, and it is not a poison. As we were all supposed to learn in the fifth grade, it is given off as an end product of metabolism in all animal life, including humans. And it is taken in by plants as fuel for photosynthesis. The more carbon dioxide in the air, the more the growth of plants and production of food for us!

In the perspective of a 100-yard football field, only about one inch is the portion that is carbon dioxide. And about only three-eighths inch is the amount that carbon dioxide that has increased since the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s.

Humans are only responsible for about 3 percent of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Global temperatures are largely determined by sun activity. The amount of cosmic rays emitted from the sun varies, The more cosmic rays are emitted, the more ionization of air molecules occurs, resulting in more cloud and rain formation, which cools the earth but also leads to more plant growth, causing more carbon dioxide absorption from the atmosphere.

The sun's magnetic field also varies, and when there are more sunspots, producing more magnetism, cosmic rays are directed away from the earth, which leads to less clouds, rain and plant growth, and more Earth warming. Rising carbon dioxide does not cause global warming. Increased global warming elevates carbon dioxide.

Contrary to mainstream media propaganda, thousands of scientists do not believe in "man-caused" climate change.

However, there are many experts that do believe in man-caused climate change, and their research is being funded by the government (by our taxes) and not privately.