Liberals use double standard on appearances

Dave Ferguson Farmington
The Daily Times


The Tuesday, March 31 Commentary ("Contempt, anger are written all over Ted Cruz's face") by Esther Cepeda regarding Ted Cruz and his face is a great example of the liberal two-step. If you replaced every occurrence of "Ted Cruz" with "Hillary Clinton" and examined in detail Hillary's expressions (from a conservative viewpoint) the outraged Democrats and their sycophants couldn't and wouldn't wait to organize a protest or take to the twitter waves or "Socialize" the media with their outrage and disgust for the sexist, homophobic, racist (fill in the blank) comments.

Yet it's OK to smear a conservative's physical appearance (from a liberal viewpoint.) After all, if commenting on appearances is now in vogue I might as well mention Esther's shark teeth, her dimple the size of Texas or the chin ready to joust me (from the left) right off my horse but that would be inappropriate.

The old adage is that the left doesn't want to talk about policy (they have none) they just want to conduct personal attacks. I find that true with Esther...