Guest Editorial: Keystone demise was avoidable

Midland Reporter-Telegram
Nov. 9
Guest Editorial

We have heard too often this campaign season that conservatives stayed home in 2012, forcing another four years of the Obama administration on the citizens of the United States.

On Friday, the actions of those conservatives — too proud to vote for Mitt Romney — again came home to roost.

As was reported Friday by The Associated Press, President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline because he does not believe it serves the national interest.

The decision, according to the AP, caps a seven-year saga that became a flashpoint in Obama’s presidency. Killing the pipeline allows Obama to claim aggressive action on the environment.

The administration has used this environmental lobby to run over energy groups, including oil producers in West Texas. We give the president credit. He said he was going to do everything he has done to enact his left-wing environmental agenda. We knew going back to his first victory in 2008 that this was his goal. The Keystone decision encapsulates his willingness to bow down to that left wing and claim during his second term the most symbolic victory related to the environment.

It didn’t have to be this way if you believe presidential candidates such as Ted Cruz, R-Texas. They preach that good, Constitution-minded conservatives stayed at home rather than hold their nose and vote for the lesser of two evils. They acted on their principles, those Republicans said.

We are curious how they feel today. Keystone died because the president put the interest of a few over what a majority of representatives believed was best for the nation.

Obama stands in the way of making the exporting of oil a reality.

We can count the other ways he is standing in the way of common-sense legislation. For all the hullabaloo over Republican leadership in the House and Senate, the president is the person most responsible for the lack of reform desired by conservatives. And right-wingers have no problem taking credit for that very fact and holding their heads up high. They tell us on talk radio if this country has to go through more pain so the right people win office, so be it. The people will take back their government, they say.

We remind those on the far right that Hillary Clinton has promised a third Obama term should she win in November 2016. If the Republican nominee doesn’t measure up to your standard, what then? More pain? Is that really what’s in the best interest of a conservative movement? Is that really in the best interest of the country?

We shudder to think what a Clinton administration might have on its agenda for the oil producers of West Texas. Those of you on the right wing, do you care?