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Blue Moon Diner supporter

A Sunday edition of the Albuquerque Journal ran a brief article "EEOC to sue Farmington diner," and having lived there for several years it caught my eye. 

When I read that it was the Blue Moon Diner I was shocked, as it is my favorite place to eat whenever I visit my daughter, who continues to live there. Not only is the food excellent, it is priced right. 

I usually take my entire family, about 10 of us, and I can state unequivocally that I have never experienced even a hint of discrimination towards me or my kids. 

My understanding of the situation is that the lady in question was asked to wear a headpiece that did not touch the ice cream as she bent over to serve it. If true, that is a direct violation of OSHA regulations and the owner had every right to do so.
And, if true, she took offense and quit. 

If he was a bigot she would not have been hired in the first place. Before anyone condemns the owners, I ask that you talk to their staff.

You may get a different view point. 

David A Vargas

Former county manager


Restaurant accused of religious discrimination

Will abortion end? I hope so

I read Kathleen Parker's item in the editorial page on July 5 and I'd like to offer my comments. She says if President Trump hires a very conservative justice to the Supreme Court, abortion is dead. I hope so. I can't believe that in a country where civilized people live, for 45 years we have allowed people to slaughter innocent unborn children. 

Most of us hated it, but did not try to stop it.

Ms. Parker asked "What Justice would want to be that man or woman who forevermore would be credited with upending law and causing massive upheaval?" Roll back the calendar to 1973 when Roe vs Wade was in the news. The five persons who voted for abortion had to be those persons, when the decision was made to allow abortion any time and for any reason. To me that was a time which "upended law and caused massive social upheaval." 

Norma McCorvey (AKA Jane Roe) made a plea to have her case overturned because she had evidence to prove that abortion hurt women. She showed 1,000 affidavits from women who said they regret their abortions. But her plea was dismissed. However, she had her baby and gave it up for adoption and began to work with anti-abortionists.

Parker: Supreme hysteria reigns

If indeed the new justice votes to abolish abortion, many will shout for joy. 

Many abortion clinics are having a hard time keeping workers because they have nightmares of babies being vacuumed out of their mothers or dissected to make it easier. When did we forget human dignity and decency? Is it all politics, someone trying to get into office? 

I pray that we will wake up, and I hope abortion is outlawed once and for all, and we get back to being civilized people. And all the babies of America say AMEN!

Coralie Lee


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