Letters to the Editor, June 1, 2018

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Letters to the Editor

Comment was inappropriate
As resident of Farmington for more than 30 years, I rarely write this newspaper; however, I, a Democrat all my life, find the recent comments by a White House staff member both demeaning and highly offensive.  

As a fellow Veteran, I respect Sen. John McCain’s decades of service to our Country – despite the fact that I disagree with him on many issues. The staffer’s comment was both mean spirited and uncalled for. They beg the question: What kind of person would make such a comment? Certainly not one who belongs in our White House.  

I pray for Senator McCain’s recovery and thank him for his service.

Jeff Logue

Negative ad

I heard a very negative anti-Janene Yazzie ad by a group calling themselves Progressive New Mexico. Janene is running for New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission.

The ad starts out saying that “Janene has a secret” and the secret alluded to is that Janene has lived for the better part of her life in Lupton, Arizona, but is now a registered Democrat living in New Mexico. 

Progressive New Mexico failed to say if that was wrong or illegal. There is nothing wrong or illegal with that. Progressive New Mexico apparently spends major bucks taking cheap shots rather than educating the voters in a responsible manner. 

The rest of the ad has other irresponsible subliminal messages that are intended to place doubt in the minds of voters. Because Janene is pro clean energy, committed to protecting the environment and preserving a reasonably healthy earth for our future generations, I can only guess that Progressive New Mexico is a ‘pro coal and damn the environment’ lobby whose mission is to keep the status quo. 

As America’s first citizens, one of our stronghold positions is to protect the earth and environment, we know what we believe, we do not need an outside interest group to dictate that position to us as Progressive New Mexico suggests. 

The majority of us voters, as parents and grandparents, want to assure some measure of comfort in the future lives of our grandchildren to come. In good conscience, Ms. Lovejoy and Ms. Becenti-Aguilar need to reject this type of advertisement.

Chili Yazzie
Shiprock, Navajo Nation

Water quality concerns

I am a student at San Juan College researching about San Juan County water quality. I am writing about the county's water quality because there have been documented reports and articles saying that the county’s water is poor.

In my discovered research on San Juan County, both river sources have been compromised. The Animas river test in 2017 was reported corrupted from lead runoff into our water sources. The Gold King Spill into the San Juan River a few years ago and this heightened the worry about the usage of this water source. 

The tests of San Juan River soil showed that the contamination was low, but there are other pollution risks. Septic tanks have seeped waste into the San Juan.

The reason I am concerned about our water sources is related to our health. We a have lack of clean water to avoid health problems. Lead poisoning can risk the youth much more than adults for their brains are still developing. Arsenic buildup the body can result in organs malfunctioning.

This issue concerns me that people need unpolluted water sources. Water contamination has affected both of our rivers. This can directly result in an unhealthy population in San Juan County.

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter.

Nicholas Jackson

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