Reagan: Why even have a border?

Michael Reagan
Michael Reagan

Why does California even bother to have a border?

Why does the United States of America?

In 2013 the governor of our one-party state, Jerry Brown, and the Democrats in Sacramento effectively turned California into a sanctuary state.

They told Washington that if any of the illegal immigrants arrested here had not committed a serious crime they would not be turned over to federal immigration officials for deportation.

Now the council of Santa Ana has voted to join more than 30 other California towns that have declared themselves sanctuary cities.

Already L.A, San Francisco, San Diego and Oakland won't cooperate with federal officials or spend any of their resources to look for people who are in the U.S. illegally.

We'll see how tough the politicians running these cities and places like Chicago are when the Trump administration starts cutting off their federal funding.

Meanwhile, the state I love continues to be abused by the Progressive Gestapo, or PG, in Sacramento that doesn't care who gets hurts by their open-door immigration policies or their terrible regulations and nonstop tax hikes.

The working-class Latinos who live here — the legal ones, the American citizens — and the working poor are the ones who'll lose their jobs to the cheaper labor of illegal aliens.

The state's "Haves" — the Hollywood elites, Silicon Valley computer engineers and lifetime political hacks — are not going to lose their jobs to an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

It's going to be the "Have Nots" — the gardeners, day laborers and entry-level restaurant workers.

They'll be the ones who'll be hurt by the incoming waves of illegal immigrants that California's Progressive Gestapo greets with open arms and treats better than the state's shrinking number of taxpayers.

Illegal immigrants in California already get free health services and schools for their kids. They already can get a driver's license. Now they're talking about letting them vote.

In California, there's a whole industry built around supplying fake Social Security cards. You can buy one and get it in an hour. Then you have the paperwork you need to take someone's job away from them.

So watch out, America.

California is where most of our worst ideas about government are incubated and put into practice.

Unless Donald Trump's get-tough policy on illegal immigration turns things around, the Progressive Gestapo might be coming to your state and town next — if it's not already there.

California is a 40-year-old train wreck and it's only getting worse. Major corporations are moving their headquarters to other states. People who own homes and pay taxes are leaving, too.

A friend of mine who had immigrated to America from communist Czechoslovakia recently gave up on California.

The Golden State was looking more and more to him like the country he escaped from in 1986, so he sold his house and moved to Puerto Rico.

Immigrants from around the planet used to come to America to work hard, get rich and become Americans. Now they come here — often illegally — and want Americans to assimilate to their cultures and give them free stuff.

It's getting so crazy in California, legal immigrants from Mexico are thinking of moving back.

Michael Reagan is the son of the late President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant and an author. Follow him on Twitter @reaganworld.