Letters to the Editor

Farmington Daily Times

A dismissive perspective

In reference to George Sharpe's "Putting the Chaco Canyon Debate in Perspective," it is clear that San Juan Citizens Alliance has gotten under George's skin. 
That fact would not be worthy of a letter except that he occupies a position of considerable influence in our community, often used to do much good, and this and other recent communications reflect an immature and derogatory tone that is beneath a reputable community leader.
Using dismissive, demeaning and sarcastic language towards an organization that see things differently than he does should end. It does not make people "sleep better at night," rather it hardens hearts and minds, reopens old cultural wounds and precludes helpful discussion and dialogue between differing parties.
You have heard it before, George, "Grow up." 
Your point of view and San Juan Citizens Alliance point of view are both important. Try talking face to face respectfully. It is something we all need more of in this world.
Gordon Glass

Look at the big picture
The headline for George Sharpe’s comments on the Chaco Canyon drilling debate caught my eye as I’m always interested in “perspective”. After reading the article however, I’m convinced George’s “perspective” is entirely myopic.
George, the land we are talking about is a “UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE?”  Without sounding too preachy, this means that we have a “world class” historical and cultural site right here in our own backyard. Your complaint about “two dozen tribes” holding the land sacred rings hollow with me as this site should be held “sacred” by all of us, no matter what our religion. 
This land should be preserved for all posterity.
With over 90 percent of the BLM Farmington Field office land already leased let’s take off our micro lenses and not argue about 843 acres, but rather let our children and grandchildren focus their attention on the world they will inherit in the next one-hundred years.
Steve Ellison