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Hot rod event downtown disappoints

When will the City of Farmington wake up and realize that they should not mess with things that have worked wonderfully for over twenty years?  I am referring to the Rod Run Event downtown. Until two years ago this was the best and largest public event held downtown. 

The involvement of the Northern New Mexico Street Rodders had always made this event a success. Then two years ago those in charge with the City of Farmington Parks and Recreation Department made changes by selling the sponsorship, which destroyed this great event.  The Director of the Parks and Recreation Department wants things done his way and his way alone regardless of tradition and the many good ideas that flow from those with a love of this community and the many ways we celebrate our area and culture.  

Last year the Rod Run was a disaster and shattered the relationship between the City and Northern New Mexico Street Rodders. This year the Street Rodders would have nothing to do with this car show.

For all those who have enjoyed this event in the past, it was clearly not the same this year.  In the past, there were so many cars entered that they ran out of room to display them all and the streets were completely full with our members of our community enjoying the cars and patronizing the vendors.  This year was a huge disappointment with maybe half the cars and half the attendance numbers.  I ask myself, "Why is the City of Farmington doing all they can to damage anything good downtown?" This is the part of our city that should be a beacon because of the stories behind the historic growth of our little town.  I can only assume it does not provide financial gain for those few who own property in other areas of our city.  I would urge members of this community to continue to speak up and express their disappointment in the leadership of the Parks and Recreation Department to City management.   We need to return to the days when service and commitment were more important than whether an event is profitable or not.  As far as I can tell, having this department become the first accredited department in New Mexico has not done much to provide its citizens with the quality of life we had all come to value.  
John Silva

Three Rivers Brewery Block


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A better way to spend $8.3 million

A few weeks ago we read in the newspapers that the Navajo Nation Gaming was reactivating and pursuing the building of a hotel in Shiprock. While funding had been earmarked to the tune of $8.3 million, some of us do not believe this is a wise investment nor a positive economic venture.

A few years ago, while some houses were being renovated in south Shiprock, vandals got onto the property and destroyed the homes while they were still in the building stages. This vandalism resulted even while the property was secured with chain link fencing. 

Sadly, this has occurred more than once, and also in other places. Our fear is that this could also happen to the proposed hotel. This is more likely to happen because the proposed site is more remote and probably less secure.  Additionally, data that was collected to support this venture said the occupancy rate would be low at the beginning of the week and grow towards the weekend. However, the average occupancy never rose above 75 percent.  The median hovered around less than 50 percent. Not a wise investment!  

Let’s say the hotel was built and we had some foreign visitors to this proposed hotel, where would they go for dinner? All we can offer is KFC, Burger King, Sonic or the flea market.  Contrarily, in 15 short minutes they could be in Farmington where they could choose between Outback Steak House, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Los Hermanitos, and so on.

If the Navajo Nation is so intent on spending $8.3 million in Shiprock, we would suggest a better investment to be in a nursing home.  This is a project that is so badly needed, as a lot of our elderly are in nursing homes in the border towns of Farmington, Aztec and Bloomfield.  

The occupancy rate on this venture would be 100 percent from day one, and build a long waiting list.  This will also bring economic development in building the home, staffing, maintenance and so forth.  

To staff this facility adequately, we could work with San Juan College and put potential staff through their nursing and other pertinent programs. Of course, we would hire professional staff, not current Navajo Nation employees, to manage this facility. 

If the Navajo Nation is still wanting to go into the Hotel business, perhaps they should pursue reviving and managing some recently abandoned hotels in Farmington and Gallup. These buildings have not been idle very long, so refurbishing them would not be too costly.

With recent budget cuts and other dilemmas, we should think seriously about our return on investments.

Anthony Allison

Navajo Voters Coalition, Inc


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All about love

Since the media and some newspapers think “We the People” love to hear about hate, I thought you would like to print my letter.

Hate is a destructible emption. It darkens the soul, poisons the mind, brings pain and suffering to the body.

Love is the divine soul of the highest attribute of the human soul. It is the dynamic principle of life itself.

Love is the most powerful spiritual force in the world.

Verda Rees


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