Letters to the Editor

Farmington Daily Times

Brookside pool a vital resource
At the City Council meeting on May 23, the mayor stated the number one priority for the choice of city projects was to rebuild Brookside Pool. Brookside Pool has always been a neighborhood pool in the heart of our community. Statewide and citywide our economy is suffering; therefore, if and when funds become available Brookside Pool should be built to meet the needs of all the community members including a swimming area, diving and a children’s water playground.
Phase 2 in pool design Options 3A and 3B, if they occur, would be five years or more in the future after the pool is rebuilt, or it may never happen. However, the pool could be built to meet the needs of the community just by the choices that are made in the first phase of construction.
In the City Council meeting during the presentation of the survey results, Cory Styron, parks director, pointed out that the lazy River feature is the big draw to bring in revenue to make the pool self-sustaining, per the mayor’s request.
Phase 2 can become unnecessary if the pool could be built during Phase 1, saving future bond refinancing just by option choices. With some thought the pool could be built with the three components: the children’s play area, Lazy River and a pool of some size next to the Lazy River for adult outdoor swimming.
On a positive note, the adults could relax and swim in the pool while their children/teens played in the Lazy River; in addition, other parents near the kiddie water feature could sit in the picnic area as they watch their children.
If there is not a cap on bond refinancing, it is possible to rebuild the pool for all of the community. There could even be different entry fees depending on what part of the pool area you wish to use, such as ids the practice at the Aquatic Center.
The mindset of the City Council is that there are three other locations for lap swimming, but that is not what this is about. Adults enjoy swimming in an outdoor pool in the cool water under the sunshine as much as children and teens. Adults desire to swim, float and relax in an outdoor pool and that is not possible in a Lazy River.
Brookside Pool is out only outdoor community pool and it needs to be built for all citizens.
Sarah Walker 

Alzheimer’s funding needed now
If you’re like me, you know someone living with Alzheimer’s Disease or have lost someone to the disease. Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the US, one for which there is no prevention, treatment, or cure.
Those living with Alzheimer’s, and related dementias, is expected to rise from 5.5 million today to as high as 16 million by 2050.  Today’s figure includes 38,000 New Mexicans. And it’s the most expensive disease, costing $259 billion annually and threatening to bankrupt Medicare/Medicaid if this trajectory does not slow.
These are reasons why I am a volunteer and advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association. I invite you to join me by contacting our members of congress about the following:
• Increased funding to the National Institutes of Health for Alzheimer’s research.
• The Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (S.693/H.R.1676) to increase the availability and quality of care.  Rep. Lujan has already signed on as a co-sponsor in the House.
• Your appreciation for their on-going support.
Please write, call, text, and/or tweet your message to Senators Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall and Representatives Ben Ray Lujan or Michelle Lujan-Grisham or Steve Pearce. For more information on Alzheimer’s Disease and available resources phone the NM Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association at (505) 266-4473 or visit alz.org.
Susan Heckethorn
Los Alamos, New Mexico