Primary election 2022: Unofficial results for San Juan County races

Noel Lyn Smith
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Current state Rep. Anthony Allison has won the Democratic primary in the race for the District 4 seat, surviving a challenge by Christina J. Aspaas.

Allison carried the lead throughout the evening of June 7 over Aspaas, a current member of the Central Consolidated School District Board of Education.

There are 57,630 registered voters in San Juan County and 13,288 ballots were cast in the New Mexico primary elections on June 7, according to the state Secretary of State's office.

The primary had several uncontested candidates for the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian parties on the ballots. However, there were six races in the county where more than one candidate was seeking their parties' nomination.

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Travis J. Begay holds an "I voted" sticker written in the Navajo language after voting at the Farmington Public Library in the 2022 New Mexico Primary Election on June 7.

Among those races was the District 1 seat on the San Juan County Commission, which had three Democratic candidates.

Incumbent GloJean B. Todacheene sustained a lead over challengers Stanley Wauneka Sr. and Albert J. Paul throughout the evening.

In the county commission District 2 race, Zac "Zachariah" J. George was the sole Democratic candidate, but the Republican side had candidates Gary M. McDaniel and Ervin Chavez.

McDaniel clutched the nomination over Chavez.

Here are the unofficial results from the primary elections. The state representative races for districts 5, 65, and 69 encompass more than one county, so the unofficial results below are San Juan County only.

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Election clerks at the Farmington Museum at Gateway Park help voters during the 2022 New Mexico primary election on June 7.

State representative candidates

District 1

Rodney Montoya, Republican: 2,774

District 2

P. Mark Duncan, Republican: 1,705

District 3

T. Ryan Lane, Republican: 2,385

District 4

Anthony Allison, Democrat: 816

Christina J. Aspaas, Democrat: 437

District 5 

Doreen Wonda Johnson, Democrat: 265

Kevin M. Mitchell, Democrat: 290

District 65

Derrick J. Lente, Democrat: 128

District 69

Harry Garcia, Democrat: 43

Marvin Anthony Trujillo, Democrat (write-in): 0

San Juan County Commission candidates

District 1

GloJean B. Todacheene, Democrat: 816

Stanley Wauneka Sr., Democrat: 316

Albert J. Paul, Democrat: 179

District 2

Zac "Zachariah" J. George, Democrat: 731

Gary M. McDaniel, Republican: 1,023

Ervin Chavez, Republican: 393

Additional county candidates

County Assessor

Jimmy Voita, Republican: 7,483

Henry C. Silentman, Democrat: 3,228

County Sheriff

R. Shane Ferrari, Republican: 8,252

Public Education Commissioner District 5

Sharon Clahchischilliage, Republican: 5,713

Magistrate judge candidates

Division 1

Russell L. Bradford, Republican: 2,083

Dagmar Kamilah Keams, Republican: 225

Songtree L. Pioche, Democrat: 356

Division 2

Rena Scott, Republican: 631

Stanley R. King, Democrat: 851

Division 3

Mark Steven Hawkinson, Republican: 1,943

Division 4

Trudy M. Chase, Democrat: 880

Division 5

Erich F. Cole, Republican: 1,017

Division 6

Stacey D. Biel, Republican: 1,116

Probate Judge

Gary Risley, Republican: 7,623

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