Election results 2020: Real-time data on New Mexico's presidential general election

Sarah Ann Dueñas
Farmington Daily Times

November 3rd has arrived and New Mexicans who haven't cast an absentee ballot are heading to the polls to cast their votes

Polls close at 7 p.m. in New Mexico.

As New Mexico tallies up the votes, this is where where you can find live results and real-time data on the statewide races. Please check back here for updates.

Real-time general election results

Click the link below for our real-time results as counties report who New Mexico voters chose. 

Track results:See county-by-county live results here

What's on the ballot?

Want to see what's on the ballot in your local voting precinct? Sample ballots for the New Mexico election are available here for review. 

Sarah Ann Dueñas is a digital producer for the USA TODAY Network.