Doña Ana County voters guide

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The 2020 general election is upon us. This page is your go-to source for general information about the election in Doña Ana County. Below, you'll find important dates, voting site locations, information about registering to vote and absentee ballots, and links to stories previewing races of interest in the county and southern New Mexico. Have a question? Send the Sun-News an email.

Dates you need to know

Oct. 6: Early voting begins at the Doña Ana County Government Center, at 845 N. Motel Blvd. in Las Cruces. Voters can vote early Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. until Oct. 30. On Saturday, Oct. 31, the government center is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The government center will be closed Oct. 12 due to Indigenous People’s Day.

Oct. 17: Alternate Early Voting locations open and will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday until Oct. 31.

Here are the alternate early voting sites.

  • Anthony City Hall, 820 Highway 478 in Anthony, N.M.
  • Doña Ana Community College in Sunland Park, 3365 McNutt Road in Sunland Park
  • Delores C. Wright Educational Center, 400 E. Lisa Drive in Chaparral
  • Corbett Center on the New Mexico State University campus, 1600 International Mall in Las Cruces
  • Hatch High School, 170 E. Herrera Road in Hatch
  • Sonoma Elementary School, 4201 Northrise Drive in Las Cruces
  • Las Cruces City Hall, 700 N. Main Street in Las Cruces

Oct. 20: Deadline to apply for an absentee ballot.

Oct. 27: Sending in your absentee ballot by mail? Make sure to do so by this date. Otherwise, you can drop it off at a voting site during early voting or on Election Day.

Nov. 3 — Election Day: Sites are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You must be in line by 7 p.m. to vote. Here are the voting convenience centers open on Election Day. If you are a Doña Ana County voter, you can visit any site.

  • Anthony City Hall, 820 Highway in Anthony, N.M.
  • Berino Elementary School, 92 Shrode Road, in Berino
  • Camino Real Middle School - 2961,  Roadrunner Pkwy., in Las Cruces
  • Chaparral Middle School, 290 Lisa Drive, Chaparral
  • Corbett Center at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces
  • Del Cerro Community Center, 180 La Fe Ave., in Vado
  • Desert Hills Elementary School, 280 N. Roadrunner Pkwy., in Las Cruces
  • Desert View Elementary School, 1105 Valle Vista St., in Sunland Park
  • Doña Ana Community Center, 5745 Ledesma Drive, in Doña Ana
  • Doña Ana County Government Center, 845 N. Motel Blvd., in Las Cruces
  • East Picacho Elementary School, 4450 N. Valley Drive, in Las Cruces
  • Fairacres Elementary School, 4501 W. Picacho Ave., in Las Cruces
  • Frank O'Brien Papen Center (Mesilla Park Recreation Center), 304 W. Bell Ave., in Mesilla Park
  • Gadsden Middle School, 1301 W. Washington St., in Anthony, N.M.
  • Garfield Elementary School, 8820 Highway 187, in Garfield
  • Good Samaritan Social Center, 3011 Buena Vida Circle, in Las Cruces
  • Hatch High School, 170 E Herrera Road, in Hatch
  • Jornada Elementary School, 3400 Elks Drive, in Las Cruces
  • La Mesa Fire Station, 15765 Highway 28, in La Mesa
  • La Union Elementary School, 875 Mercantile Ave., in La Union
  • Las Alturas Fire Station, 4145 Cholla Drive, in Las Cruces
  • Las Cruces High School, 1750 El Paseo Road, in Las Cruces
  • Las Cruces City Hall, 700 N. Main St., in Las Cruces
  • Lynn Middle School, 950 S. Walnut St., in Las Cruces
  • Mayfield High School, 1955 N. Valley Drive, in Las Cruces
  • Mesilla Elementary School, 2363 Calle Del Sur, in Mesilla
  • Mesquite Elementary School, 205 NM Hwy. 228, in Mesquite, N.M.
  • New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, 4100 Dripping Springs Road, in Las Cruces
  • North Valley Elementary School, 300 Cascade Ave., in San Miguel
  • Oñate High School, 5700 Mesa Grande Drive, in Las Cruces
  • Organ Community Center, 5800 2nd St., in Organ
  • Radium Springs Community Center, 12060 L.B. Lindbeck Road, in Radium Springs
  • Rincon Fire Station, 255 Harlan St., in Rincon
  • Santa Teresa Middle School, 4800 McNutt Road, in Santa Teresa
  • Sierra Middle School, 1700 Spruce, in  Las Cruces
  • Sonoma Elementary School, 4201 Northrise Drive, in Las Cruces
  • Sunrise Elementary School, 5300 Holman Road, in Las Cruces
  • Tombaugh Elementary, 226 Carver Road, in Las Cruces
  • University Hills Elementary School, 2005 S. Locust, in Las Cruces
  • Vista Middle School, 4465 Elks Drive, in Las Cruces

Register to vote or request an absentee ballot

Register to vote at any early voting location or online. The last days to register to vote:

  • Online: Oct. 6
  • By mail: Postmarked by Oct. 6
  • In person: Oct. 31

You can participate in the election via absentee ballot, which reduces contact between you and election staff. To participate via absentee ballot, you must first request one. The deadline to request a ballot is Oct. 20.

You or an immediate family member or caregiver may return a completed absentee ballot to the Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office or to any voting convenience center during the early voting period or on Election Day. Drop boxes will be installed at all 40 Election Day voting locations and all eight early voting locations. 

If returning an absentee ballot by mail, the clerk's office encourages voters to send it by Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Any registered voter may vote absentee or early without a reason.

Contact the clerk's office to request an absentee ballot at 575-647-7428 or go to NMVote.org or dacelections.com.

Other voter guides and sources of information

On the ballot in Doña Ana County

Click on "Preview" to read a story about the race. All preview stories will be available by Oct. 6. Italics indicate incumbents.

US Senate | Preview

  • Ben R. Luján (D)
  • Mark V. Ronchetti (R)
  • Bob Walsh (L)

US House District 2 | Preview

  • Yvette Herrell (R)
  • Steve Jones (I)
  • Xochitl Torres Small (D)

State Senate District 31 | Preview

  • Joseph Cervantes (D)
  • John Thomas Roberts (R)

State Senate District 35 | Preview

  • Crystal R. Diamond (R)
  • Neomi O. Martinez-Parra (D)

State Senate District 36 | Preview

  • Kimberly A. Skaggs (R)
  • Jeff Steinborn (D)

State Senate District 37 | Preview

  • David W. Gallus (R)
  • William P. Soules (D)

State Senate District 38 | Preview

  • Carrie Hamblen (D)
  • Charles Richard Wendler (R)

State House District 33 | Preview

  • Micaela Lara Cadena (D)
  • Beth E. Miller (R) 

State House District 34 | Preview

  • Dawn E. Ladd (R)
  • Raymundo Lara (D)

State House District 35 | Preview

  • Richelle A. Ponder (R) 
  • Angelica Rubio (D)

State House District 36 | Preview

  • Brandi L. Polanco (R)
  • Nathan P. Small (D)

State House District 37 | Preview

  • Joanne J. Ferrary (D)
  • Isabella Solis (R)

State House District 39 | Preview

  • Rodolpho S. Martinez (D)
  • Luis M. Terrazas (R)

State House District 52 | Preview

  • John Foreman (R)
  • Doreen Yvonne Gallegos (D)

State House District 53 | Preview

  • Ricky L. Little (R)
  • Willie D. Madrid (D)

Doña Ana County Clerk | Preview

  • Amanda Lopez Askin (D)
  • Cheryl De Young (R)

Doña Ana County Treasurer | Preview

  • Bernadette A. Dorazio (R)
  • Eric L. Rodriguez (D)

Doña Ana County Commission District 2

  • Diana Murillo-Trujillo (D) - unopposed

Doña Ana County Commission District 4 | Preview

  • Buck Bonner (L)
  • Irma Susana Chaparro (D)
  • Stacie Michelle Durham (R)

Doña Ana County Commission District 5 | Preview

  • Robert Bruce Flora (R)
  • Manuel A. Sanchez (D)

Third Judicial District Attorney

  • Gerald Milton Byers (D) - unopposed

Third Judicial District Court judge (retention) | Preview

  • Manuel I. Arrieta
  • Marci Ellen Beyer
  • Conrad Perea
  • Mary W. Rosner
  • Lisa Claire Schultz
  •  James T. Martin
  • Douglas R. Driggers
  • Grace B. Duran

Constitutional questions | Preview

  • Constitutional Amendment 1 proposes changing the Public Regulation Committee from an elected body to a governor-appointed body.
  • Constitutional Amendment 2 proposes giving the state Legislature the authority to adjust the term of a state, county or district officer to align or stagger the election of officers throughout the state.

Bond questions | Preview

  • Bond Question A authorizes the sale and issuance of $33.3 million in bonds for senior citizen facilities improvements.
  • Bond Question B authorizes the sale and issuance of $9.7 million in bonds for public library improvements.
  • Bond Question C authorizes the sale and issuance of $156.3 million in bonds for public higher education institutions, special public schools, and native tribal schools.

Other races of interest 

State Senate District 28 | Preview

  • Siah Correa Hemphill (D)
  • James S. Williams (R)

State House District 38 | Preview

  • Rebecca L. Dow (R)
  • Karen C. Whitlock (D)