Navajo election office posts unofficial results

About 49 percent of registered voters on the Navajo Nation voted in the election, according to the Navajo Election Administration

Noel Lyn Smith
Vicki Bedoni casts her ballot on Tuesday at the Upper Fruitland Chapter house.
  • Incumbent Duane "Chili" Yazzie was re-elected as Shiprock Chapter president, beating challenger Dan Smith.
  • Nevina Kinlahcheeny beat Wallace Ben for the position of Shiprock Chapter vice president.
  • J. Kaibah Begay retained her seat as secretary-treasurer for Shiprock Chapter, beating Beverly Maxwell.
  • Robert Hayes narrowly beat David C. Burbank in the race for Shiprock Chapter grazing committee member.

SHIPROCK — The Navajo Election Administration is reporting 49 percent of registered voters on the Navajo Nation cast ballots in Tuesday's election for chapter government offices and other positions.

Out of 118,673 registered voters, there were 58,998 ballots cast, according to figures released by the election administration on Wednesday.

In the Northern Agency, there were 11,424 ballots cast out of 23,853 registered voters. There were 2,218 ballots cast out of 4,959 registered voters in Shiprock Chapter.

Incumbent Duane "Chili" Yazzie was re-elected as chapter president despite a challenge by Dan Smith.

For the chapter vice president seat, Nevina Kinlahcheeny received 1,415 votes, beating Wallace Ben who received 718 votes.

J. Kaibah Begay retained her seat as chapter secretary-treasurer by receiving 1,117 votes. She was challenged by Beverly Maxwell, who received 1,041 votes.

Robert Hayes received 1,131 votes, and David C. Burbank received 1,015 votes in the race for grazing committee member.

In the chapter's uncontested races, Dineh Benally received 1,648 votes for the farm board member seat; Marian John received 1,620 votes for the Kinteel Residential Campus Inc. board; and Mae Yazzie Sandoval received 1,710 votes for the Beclabito Day School board.

Nikki E. Begay received 1,439 votes and Lula Jackson received 849 votes, which elected both of them to fill two seats on the Shiprock Associated Schools Inc. board.

Yazzie retains Shiprock Chapter president seat

There were two positions and two candidates for the To'haali' Community School board for Toadlena-Two Grey Hills Chapter. For those board seats, Lynda D. Lasiloo received 245 votes and Stanley Hardy received 241 votes.

The Sanostee Day School board had four seats for Tsé Alnaozt'i'í Chapter, and four individuals ran for the positions. Wilbert Ben Lee received 449 votes, Temara Lewis-Emerson received 439 votes, Phyllis Todacheene received 388 votes and Chevonne Jennings received 354 votes.

Northern Agency unofficial election results

Agency at-large

Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community School
Nenahnezad and Shiprock chapters
William Foster: 1,994 votes

Kinteel Residential Campus Inc.
Beclabito, Red Mesa, Teec Nos Pos and Tólikan chapters
David Tsosie: 1,311 votes

Newcomb, Toadlena-Two Grey Hills and Tooh Haltsooí chapters
Kerby Johnson: 549 votes
Sally Ann Joe: 464 votes

Upper Fruitland and Red Valley chapters
Gloria C. Harrison: 1,050 votes

Nenahnezad Community School
San Juan and Tsé Daa K'aan chapters
Esther Keeswood Begay: 640 votes

Shiprock Associated Schools Inc.
Gadii'ahi-Tokoi and Tsé Daa K'aan chapters
Charlie T. Jones: 491 votes
Dorothy A. Begaye: 318 votes

Toadlena-Two Grey Hills and Tsé Alnaozt'i'í chapters
Sarah Jane White: 992 votes

To'haali' Community School
Newcomb, Tiis Tsoh Sikaad and Tooh Haltsooí chapters
Bennie Joe: 488 votes
Louise Charley: 349 votes

From left, election officials Jamie Joe, Ronda Johnson and Felencia Belin look over the voter registration list on Tuesday at the Upper Fruitland Chapter house.

Contested races

Beclabito Chapter — 331 ballots cast
Vice president
Hazel Sherman: 179 votes
Jerry Benally: 151 votes

Newcomb Chapter — 274 total ballots cast 
Vice president
Willamena Smith: 154 votes 
Irving "Ervin" Gleason: 120 votes

San Juan Chapter — 272 ballots cast
Vice president
Shawn S. Mike: 148 votes
Sam Bee: 120 votes

Tiis Tsoh Sikaad Chapter — 299 ballots cast
Vice president
Nancy Begay: 125 votes
Harrison LaMone: 167 votes

Elevena Begay: 181 votes
Samantha Begay: 109 votes

Toadlena-Two Grey Hills Chapter — 438 ballots cast
Vice president
Veronica M. Begay: 132 votes
Andrew Deschenie: 300 votes

Lolita Spencer: 183 votes
Angie Frank: 252 votes

Tooh Haltsooí Chapter — 367 ballots cast
Council of Nataani vice president
Sadie W. Dez: 244 votes
Hannabah K. James: 120 votes

Tsé Alnaozt'i'í — 860 ballots cast
Vice president
Gerald Henderson: 609 votes
Harvey Begay Jr.: 235 votes

Temara Lewis-Emerson: 445 votes
LaVerda D. Washburn: 398 votes

Tsé Daa K'aan Chapter — 619 votes
Reichell N. Salt: 337 votes
Dorothy A. Begaye: 258 votes

Farm board
Jean Jones: 344 votes
George Murphy: 252 votes

Upper Fruitland Chapter — 805 ballots cast
Vice president
Faye BlueEyes: 501 votes
Hilda Murphy Soce: 281 votes

Grazing Committee member
Ray H. Jim Jr.: 467 votes
Laurence Bekise: 320 votes

At center, polling official Ronda Johnson helps voters check in on Tuesday before voting at the Upper Fruitland Chapter house.

Uncontested races

Beclabito Chapter — 331 ballots cast
Larry L. Jack: 303 votes

Gadii'ahi-Tokoi Chapter — 311 ballots cast
Vice president
Arnold Nelson: 269 votes

Sylvia A. Tyler: 250 votes

Grazing Committee member
Douglas R. Diswood: 247 votes

Farm Board member
Gilbert Harrison Sr.: 255 votes

Nenahnezad Chapter — 501 ballots cast
Vice president
Lucinda Yellowman-Bennalley: 463 votes

Lojan Watson: 411 votes

Grazing Committee member
Harold Dodge: 434 votes

Farm Board member
Tracy Raymond: 407 votes

Nenahnezad Community School
Brenda R. Willie: 399 votes

Newcomb Chapter — 274 ballots cast
Donna L. Benally: 250 votes

Grazing Committee member
Lawrence C. Gould: 256 votes

San Juan Chapter — 272 ballots cast
Audrey Nez: 214 votes

Tiis Tsoh Sikaad Chapter — 299 ballots cast
Grazing Committee member
Tanner Jacob Begaye: 245 votes

Toadlena-Two Grey Hills Chapter — 438 ballots cast
Grazing Committee member
Derry Lewis: 411 votes

Tooh Haltsooí Chapter — 367 ballots cast
Council of Nataani secretary-treasurer
Sally Ann Joe: 274 votes

Grazing Committee member
Bennie Joe: 285 votes

Tsé Alnaozt'i'í Chapter — 860 ballots cast
Grazing Committee member
Elouise Brown: 640 votes

Tohaali Community School
Lena T. Nakai: 584 votes

Tsé Daa K'aan Chapter — 619 ballots cast
Vice president
Matthew D. Tso: 446 votes

Grazing Committee member
Kenneth J. Johnson: 524 votes

Upper Fruitland Chapter — 805 ballots cast
Chapter secretary-treasurer
Lynelle Lee-Etsitty: 702 votes

Nenahnezad Community School
Matilda Bancroft-Whitey: 567 votes

Noel Lyn Smith covers the Navajo Nation for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4636.