Kirtland Mayor: Mark Duncan

Mark Duncan


Mark Duncan

: Mark Duncan

Age: 57

City or town of residence:  Kirtland

Contact information: 505-598-4160 and mduncan@kirtlandnm.org

1. Describe your platform and why you are running for office.

I have no platform. I believe in Kirtland. I believe we can do things that the county or the state of New Mexico cannot do for the town. We’re in a crunch. As a town, we can do things for ourselves and that bring with it the community, to draw closer and work on common goals.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Kirtland?

I think it is the nut jobs that don’t understand how important oil and gas and coal and the power plants are to this part of the world and how important the power plants are to Kirtland. People don’t get it. Washington, D.C., makes laws and they have never been out of their office. It's not based on science. When they knock off three units at APS (Four Corners Power Plant), and we lose 150 employees. We’re going to lose miners when San Juan Generating Station loses employees there. The county then loses the tax base. The town of Kirtland, when we lose people and the guy can’t go and buy a Dairy Queen or a Subway or fill up his tank with gas, that filters down. Trying to figure out how to get nut jobs to understand that electricity is going to go up — everything is going to go up — and it’s not based on science.