Farmington City Council District 2: Sean Sharer

Sean Sharer
Sean Sharer

Name: Sean E. Sharer

Age: 31

City or town of residence: Farmington

Contact information: 505-716-7347 and sharerforcitycouncil@gmail.com

1. Describe your platform and why you are running for office.

I am steadfast Christian and a strong conservative with traditional family values. I believe in personal responsibility, but also in helping those in need. With a background in corporate training, financial planning and stewardship, I will be an asset to the Farmington City Council. I will bring my experience as a small businessman to running an efficient and effective city, being the only candidate that has had to make payroll and balance a corporate budget.

My priorities will be: accessibility to ALL citizens of Farmington, (I have published my cellphone number and email address). Looking at the problems the city may face with an open mind and fresh perspective. Focusing on keeping Farmington a safe and beautiful place while growing our local economy.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Farmington?

Accessibility and transparency. I believe it should not be difficult for a citizen to contact his or her city councilor. I will make myself accessible via land line, cellphone, Facebook, email and personal visits to all Farmington citizens. Also, I believe that all citizens should be aware of how their city councilor voted on any issue. Therefore, I will publish all of my votes online.