Farmington City Council District 2: Jacob Beckham

The Daily Times staff
Jacob Beckham

Name: Jacob Beckham

Age: 27

City or town of residence: Farmington

Contact information: 505-716-8215

1. Describe your platform and why you are running for office.

I am running for office because I feel that career politicians are toxic to an effective democracy. My platform is working to ensure that the citizens of District 2 are represented, rather than a small group of people who may not even reside in the district. I will also work to ensure that unnecessary spending is curtailed. When an economy like the one we are currently in comes around, we cannot waste taxpayer money on aesthetic improvements, but should be focused on ensuring that quality of life is maintained.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Farmington?

I feel that there are two major challenges facing the district. The first is aging infrastructure. District 2 contains some of the oldest parts of Farmington, and the infrastructure is no exception. I know that the city is already working on replacing sewer lines that are more than 50 years old in Districts 1 and 2, but there are also crumbling roads and sidewalks. The second problem is poverty. The city may not be able to do anything about income levels, but there are things that can be done to ensure that citizens have affordable necessities, such as transportation (Red Apple Transit), food, water, electricity, etc. I have ideas to help solve the homelessness and vagabond (for lack of a better term) issues, as well. These people are not a plague on the city; they ARE the city. As a councilman, I would not just be a representative of the voters in the district, but everyone that resides there, including the residents without homes. The residents’ interests will always be placed above my own.