Farmington City Council District 1: Linda Rodgers

Linda Rodgers
Linda Rodgers

Name: Linda Rodgers

Age: 51

City or town of residence: Farmington

Contact information: 505-599-1155

1. Describe your platform and why you are running for office.

I was appointed by Mayor Tommy Roberts to fill a vacant six-month term in August of 2015. Serving on the Farmington City Council is a privilege and an honor. My priorities for the next four years are as follows:

Economic development: I believe continued investment in economic development should be a top priority. Jobs and a larger tax base are a great pay back on the investment. We must continue to attract and retain industry and continuously seek other businesses in Farmington.

Budget: The city has a balanced budget but challenges lie ahead as we can expect less revenue sharing from the state. We must continue to stretch our dollars and prioritize the best use of city revenues. As a steward of public funds, I feel a great responsibility and pledge to be frugal with your money.

Infrastructure: The city has been proactive in creating and maintaining solid infrastructure, such as reliable water and sewer systems. Our roads need to be a priority and we must continue to fund cost-effective maintenance for such as asphalt patching, chip sealing and overlays. Safety — fire and police protection — continues to be a high priority, and I strongly believe that we have an obligation to keep our citizens safe.

My roots in Farmington and love of this community run deep. In the 1950s, my grandfather owned and operated a small farm in south Farmington. Farming is hard work, and from both my grandparents and my parents, I learned a strong work ethic, as well as a dedication to family and community.

Community involvement is a value I strongly believe in, and I have given freely of my time across a span of over 30 years. I ultimately decided to run because I want to be an active participant in the city that has given my family and me so much throughout my lifetime. My run is based on my desire to find creative solutions, make decisions based on logic and reason and be a voice for the hard-working people in Farmington.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Farmington?

It is difficult to select one single issue as we must evaluate the needs of the city and prioritize them. Right now, the economy is weighing heavy on the minds of our citizens. The downturn in oil and gas has become more significant recently and jobs are being lost. Losing a job that pays well hurts not only families but our small businesses. To me, the most pressing issue is retaining industry, specifically oil and gas, which has been such a vital part of our economic base, and attracting new businesses that will create jobs in Farmington.