Bloomfield City Council: Benny Kling

Benny Kling
Benny Kling

Name: Benny D. Kling

Age: 68

City or town of residence:  Bloomfield

Contact information: 505-634-0901 and bennydkling@gmail.com

1. Describe your platform and why you are running for office.

I want to fight for the re-establishment of a San Juan County Medical Partners Group Clinic in Bloomfield.  The current administration failed miserably by not protesting and fighting the relocation of the only doctor and medical clinic serving Bloomfield and the greater southeast San Juan County community population. The rumors and knowledge of this decision were known in advance and a good administration would have held a special public meeting to protest such an action.

Three years ago, I developed and presented to the Bloomfield City Council a plan to correct periodic flooding of approximately 90 residential properties, by repairing 30 years of neglected drainage through Bloomfield along with a method to reduce up to 70 percent the nitrate levels being discharged into the San Juan River from the Bloomfield Wastewater Treatment plant, thereby buying Bloomfield citizens eight years to set aside money to build a new wastewater treatment plant; a drainage catch basin; and a park and fishing lake subsidized with Bloomfield irrigation district water, all in one.  I found grant money and worked with the city planning department in obtaining $840,000 of $2.5 million allocated by the governor to begin development of this project.

I want to postpone the establishment of a Bloomfield Electric Utility as economically imprudent at this time, considering our current debt of approximately $20 million.

We need to establish an economic incubator facility utilizing the old high school. This subsidized space would be used to entice outside businesses to locate and begin a start-up business in Bloomfield.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Bloomfield?

With the reduced tax revenue coming into the city over the next five years, we must try to improve or maintain our current level of services by changing policies and procedures established when money was available. In the past, very poor advice was given to the current administration, yet it happened on their watch.  We have to stop these lawsuits costing all taxpayers money.

The only way Bloomfield can be successful is when every citizen starts participating in city government. It’s up to every elected official to encourage people to voice an opinion when presented with facts, not fiction. I intend to make these and other things happen and hold those negligent accountable. I intend to eliminate the status quo! These are the challenges we all face if Bloomfield truly wants to grow and prosper. Vote only for one!