Aztec City Commission District 1: Roberta Locke

Roberta Locke
Roberta Locke

Name: Roberta Locke

Age: 51

City:  Aztec

Contact:  505-419-0229 and connect2clover@yahoo.com.

1.  Describe your platform and why you are running.

Aztec needs to complete the projects we already have on the table before we take on any new endeavors. The Arterial Route, the North Main Corridor, the sewer outfall line, emergency flood mitigation plan, the solar farm and the HUB all need to be completed.

I am running for re-election because I am experienced, qualified, proven and fully engaged in the city's operations. I believe a second term is sufficient time to fulfill my commitments to the people of Aztec.

2.    What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Aztec?

The economy, aging infrastructure and storm water mitigation are all challenges on the front burner. The downward spiral of oil prices have impacted revenue sources at every level and Aztec is no exception. The Golf Course, and whether or not the city continues to fund that enterprise, is also a very important issue. And it is an business — not a park as some have stated.