Aztec City Commission District 1: Caleb Robison

Caleb Robison
Caleb Robison

Name: Caleb Robison

Age: 33

City or town of residence: Aztec

1. Describe your platform and why you are running for office.

I've grown up here, I'm raising my family here, I truly enjoy the people here and I want to be part of what goes on here and hopefully represent our community and help make decisions that continue to make it a great place to live and play.

2. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Aztec?

I think the city probably faces a lot of challenges constantly, and I know a thousand different people can have a thousand different concerns. The biggest one I couldn't say. A couple of concerns I have recently heard are about whether or not the city taking over the golf course is a good idea, looking at both sides, if it is a quality of life investment or too big of a drain on city resources. And if there is anything that can be done about the drainage problem when we have heavy storms. I think we'll just have to work together and find the best solutions to those and any other challenges.