Police: Serial diaper dumper left dirty diapers around New Jersey for months as 'joke'

Sheri Berkery
The Daily Journal
Franklin Township police finally caught the man who they say was behind the dirty deed of diaper dumping over the past year.

FRANKLIN, New Jersey – Get a load of this. 

A man who allegedly has been dumping bags of dirty diapers at intersections throughout Franklin Township for the past year has been caught, local authorities in New Jersey say. 

William Friedman, 68, of Newfield, was spotted making his latest drop around 3:15 a.m. Sunday, police said. He was processed and issued multiple township ordinances. 

Police could count on Friedman to be regular. 

"He would do it at least three times a week at different intersections," said Lt. Matthew DeCesari of the Franklin Township Police Department. "He would do it a couple of months in one area and then move to a different intersection. We could never get a time down."

But officer Garrett Moretti thought he recently had detected somewhat of a pattern, so he decided to patrol the area around routes 47 and 40 early Sunday. 

That's when he saw the driver of a box truck drop a load of soiled diapers in the roadway. 

Following a traffic stop, Friedman was taken to police headquarters, where he was interviewed about the diapers.

"He admitted to dropping these bags multiple times at multiple different intersections throughout the past 10 months," according to an affidavit of probable cause filed by police.

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"He's claiming the diapers were his grandson's," said DeCesari. "He said it almost became a game because sometimes he saw the officer sitting in an area and would go somewhere else." 

The motive in the case seems to be "nothing else than this gentleman thinking this was funny, which it's not," DeCesari added. In a Facebook post detailing the case, police said Friedman allegedly saw the acts as a "joke."

In fact, a June 24 motorcycle accident in the area is blamed on a slippery bag of diapers in the roadway. The motorcycle was totaled and the driver had minor injuries, according to police. 

Friedman is charged with interference with transportation in that case, which might allow the motorcyclist to be reimbursed. 

He faces fines of up to $1,000 in connection with nine township ordinances, DeCesari said. Friedman's diaper drops were also a nuisance for neighbors and a challenge for police, he added. 

"It was kind of a game with officers on who would get this person," DeCesari said. 

And now it appears officer Moretti's dirty work paid off. "I believe he will get a free dinner from some of the other officers," DeCesari added.