GADII'AHI — The elderly and veterans in the Gadii'ahi and To'koi communities were treated on July 18 to a luncheon organized by the Gadii'ahi Chapter Youth Council and summer youth workers for the Gadii'ahi-To'koi Chapter.

Naomi Harrison, the youth council president, said the event was designed to recognize senior citizens and veterans who live in the area.

"I want to get away from the stigma that we – the youth – don't care," she said, then added that it helps bridge the generation gap in the communities.

"Because we love our elders just as much as they love us," Harrison said.

Gadii'ahi resident Ray Lee was among those who enjoyed a bowl of mutton vegetable stew served in the main room of the chapter house.

"It was good," Lee said.

Janice Biggs, the chapter's accounts maintenance specialist, said the group completed food handler training on July 16 and received guidance from the chapter president when they butchered two sheep on July 17.

"We have a pretty good group. They get things done," Biggs said.

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