Annual conference helps families create holiday memories

Noel Lyn Smith
Farmington Daily Times
Katie Brown uses a smartphone to take a group selfie as part of an activity at the family winter conference on Wednesday at the Shiprock Youth Complex in Shiprock.

Songs about Christmas filled the Shiprock Youth Complex gymnasium as community members participated Wednesday in the family winter conference organized by Restoring and Celebrating Family Wellness.

The committee is comprised of various community groups. Its members promote restoring and advancing harmony in families.

During the event, participants enjoyed activities that center on Christmas and on Navajo culture.

Regina BlueEyes, left, and Brian Lee prepare icing for gingerbread hogans during the family winter conference at the Shiprock Youth Complex on Wednesday in Shiprock.

The annual event includes a holiday dinner, a visit from Santa Claus, distribution of candy, nuts and fruit bags, and door prizes.

Raymond Keeswood Jr., a member of the coalition, said the purpose of the winter conference is to provide space for families to gather, create memories and develop healthy relationships.