Navajo Nation Council delegate resigns to work for tribal president

Dwight Witherspoon now serving as chief to staff

The Daily Times staff
Dwight Witherspoon has accepted an offer to become the new chief of staff for Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye.

FARMINGTON — A delegate who represented five chapters in Arizona on the Navajo Nation Council has resigned from office.

Dwight Witherspoon announced his resignation in a letter on Monday to Speaker LoRenzo Bates, according to a press release from the Speaker's Office.

Witherspoon was serving a second term as delegate for the Forest Lake, Hardrock, Kít'íílí, Piñon and Whippoorwill chapters in Arizona.

In the letter, Witherspoon wrote that he had accepted an offer from President Russell Begaye to serve as chief of staff.

"I deem this request like the president of the United States asking a senator to serve as a secretary of state or attorney general. I will continue to serve the Navajo Nation, including my Dzil Yijiin communities, in this new capacity," Witherspoon wrote.

Mihio Manus, spokesman for the President's Office, said Witherspoon started working at the office on Tuesday.

The press release states the Navajo Election Administration declared a vacancy for the council seat on Wednesday.

Under tribal law, each of the chapters affected by the open seat will have 45 days to recommend an individual to fill the vacancy, and the final selection is at the discretion of the speaker.