Navajo Nation voters to cast ballots Tuesday

Noel Lyn Smith

FARMINGTON — Voters on the Navajo Nation will head to polling sites to cast ballots in Tuesday's primary election for seats in chapter governments and other offices.

Voters submit their ballots April 21, 2015, at the Nenahnezad Chapter House in Fruitland. Navajo Nation voters will go back to the polls Tuesday for a primary election.

Precincts open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. for each of the 110 chapters.

The early walk-in voting process ended Friday, according to the Navajo Election Administration office in Shiprock.

Virginia Nelson, a voter registration specialist at the election administration office in Shiprock, said if voters received an absentee ballot and have not returned it, they can surrender it at their chapter precinct in order to receive a new ballot. Absentee ballots also will be accepted at agency election administration offices until 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nelson said.

In the Beclabito Chapter, Raymond H. Charley is running for president, Hazel Sherman and Jerry Benally are running for vice president, and Larry L. Jack is running for secretary-treasurer.

Carol Etcitty-Roger and Harry Descheene Jr. are running for president in the Gadii'ahi-Tokoi Chapter. Other candidates in the chapter are Sylvia A. Tyler for secretary-treasurer, Douglas R. Diswood for grazing committee member and Gilbert Harrison Sr. for the farm board.

Each candidate in the Nenahnezad Chapter is running unopposed. Norman C. Begaye is seeking another term as president, Lucinda Yellowman-Bennalley is running for vice president, Harold Dodge is running for the grazing committee, Tracy Raymond is running for the farm board and Brenda R. Willie is seeking a seat on the Nenahnezad Community School board.

The Newcomb Chapter lists David Randolph Sr. as a candidate for president, while Willamena Smith and Irving "Ervin" Gleason are running for vice president. Donna L. Benally is running for secretary-treasurer, and Lawrence C. Gould is running for a seat on the grazing committee.

In the San Juan Chapter, Rick Nez is seeking re-election for president, Shawn S. Mike and Sam Bee are running for vice president, and Audrey Nez is running for secretary-treasurer.

Incumbent Duane "Chili" Yazzie faces challenges from Donald Benally, Nate Ellison, Dan Smith and William Lee for the Shiprock Chapter presidency. In other chapter races, Marian John, Wallace Ben and Nevina Kinlahcheeny are running for vice president; incumbent J. Kaibah Begay and Beverly Maxwell are running for secretary-treasurer; Robert Hayes and David C. Burbank are running for grazing committee member; and Nikki E. Begay, Lula Jackson and Leonard Anthony are running for a seat on the Shiprock Associated Schools Inc. board.

Anita Hayes, a Navajo Nation special elections poll official, helps a voter with a ballot April 21, 2015, at the Tse Daa Kaan Chapter House in Hogback.

Running unopposed in Shiprock are Dineh Benally for the farm board, Mae Yazzie Sandoval for a seat on the Beclabito Day School board and Marian John to represent the chapter at the Kinteel Residential Campus Inc.

In the Tiis Tsoh Sikaad Chapter, President Perry J. Begay Sr. faces a challenge from Eliolieta M. Holtsoi, while Nancy Begay and Harrison LaMone are running for vice president. Elevena Begay and Samantha Begay are running for secretary-treasurer, and Tanner Jacob Begaye is seeking the grazing committee seat.

In the Toadlena-Two Grey Hills Chapter, Stanley Hardy is running for president; Veronica M. Begay, LaVera M. Curley and Andrew Deschenie are seeking the vice presidency; Lolita Spencer and Angie Frank are running for secretary-treasurer; and Derry Lewis is running for the grazing committee. Lynda D. Lasiloo and Stanley Hardy are running to represent the chapter on the To'haali' Community School board.

Running for the Council of Nataani presidency at the Tooh Haltsooí Chapter are Tommy L. Sandman, Rose Charlie, Ernest Smith and Brian T. Yazzie. Sadie W. Dez, Hannabah K. James and Louise Charley are running for vice president. Running unopposed are Sally Ann Joe for secretary-treasurer and Bennie Joe for the grazing committee.

In the Tsé Alnaozt'i'í Chapter, Ruthda W. Thomas, Alonzo Cohoe and Remnita Henderson are seeking the presidency; Wilson Howard, Gerald Henderson and Harvey Begay Jr. are candidates for vice president; and Temara Lewis-Emerson, LaVerda D. Washburn and Ray C. Nahkai Sr. are running for secretary-treasurer. Elouise Brown is running for the chapter's grazing committee, and Lena T. Nakai is running to represent the chapter on the To'haali' Community School board.

The five candidates for a seat on the Sanostee Day School board are Phyllis Todacheene, Irvin Tyler, Chevonne Jennings, Wilbert Ben Lee and Temara Lewis-Emerson.

The Tsé Daa K'aan Chapter has James Pioche and Charlie T. Jones Jr. running for president, Matthew D. Tso running for vice president, Reichell N. Salt and Dorothy A. Begaye for secretary-treasurer, Kenneth J. Johnson for the grazing committee, and George Murphy and Jean Jones for the farm board.

Charlie T. Jones Jr. and Dorothy A. Begaye are running to represent the Tsé Daa K'aan and Gadii'ahi-Tokoi chapters on the Shiprock Associated Schools Inc. board.

The Upper Fruitland Chapter has Robert Allen and Lynlaria R. Williams-Dickson seeking the presidency. Faye BlueEyes and Hilda Murphy Soce are running for vice president, Lynelle Lee-Etsitty is running for secretary-treasurer, and Ray H. Jim Jr. and Laurence Bekise are running for the grazing committee.

Kerby Johnson and Sally Ann Joe are candidates to represent the Newcomb, Toadlena/Two Grey Hills and Tooh Haltsooí chapters for the Kinteel Residential Campus Inc.

Also running for Kinteel are Gloria C. Harrison to represent the Red Valley and Upper Fruitland chapters, and David Tsosie to represent the Beclabito, Red Mesa, Teec Nos Pos and Tólikan chapters.

Sarah Jane White is running to represent the Toadlena/Two Grey Hills and Tsé Alnaozt'i'í chapters for the Shiprock Associated Schools Inc. board.

William Foster is running to represent the Nenahnezad and Shiprock chapters on the Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle Community Grant School board.

Louise Charley and Bennie Joe are running to represent the Newcomb, Tiis Tsoh Sikaad and Tooh Haltsooí chapters on the To'haali' Community School board.

Running for the agency at-large seats are Wilbert Y. Mark and Sammy Ahkeah for the Navajo Board of Election Supervisors; Jennifer D. Laughter and Matthew D. Tso for the Navajo Preparatory School board; and Faye BlueEyes, Pete Ken Atcitty and Dewayne Johnson for the Shiprock Associated Schools Inc. board.

There are 22 positions still open for candidates in the Northern Agency, and candidacy applications are due by Friday, Sept. 9, according to the election administration. Individuals who submit applications by the deadline will automatically have their names listed on the Nov. 8 general election ballot, voter registration specialist Nelson said.

The Beclabito, Gadii'ahi-Tokoi, San Juan, Shiprock, Tsé Alnaozt'i'í, Tsé Daa K'aan and Upper Fruitland chapter are among the Northern Agency chapters with open seats.

The Beclabito Chapter has its grazing committee seat open and an open seat on the Beclabito Day School board.

The Gadii'ahi-Tokoi Chapter also has a seat open for the Beclabito Day School.

No candidates are running for the grazing committee and farm board seats at the San Juan Chapter.

The Shiprock Chapter has one position open for the T'iis Nazbas Community School baord in Teec Nos Pos, Ariz.

The Upper Fruitland Chapter has no candidates for its farm board seat.

The Nenahnezad Community School board has one seat open to represent the Shiprock and Tsé Alnaozt'i'í chapters, and one seat to represent the San Juan and Tsé Daa K'aan chapters.

Noel Lyn Smith covers the Navajo Nation for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4636.