FARMINGTON — Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye approved a $2 million supplemental funding request for summer youth employment and youth enrichment programs at the tribe's 110 chapters.

Begaye signed the resolution Monday. It was passed May 27 by the Navajo Nation Council.

"I believe the summer youth employment can be an invaluable opportunity as it is an investment in our future, our youth and will create employment," the president wrote in a memorandum to the council.

He advised the council that he will issue a directive to the Office of Youth Development to create a summer youth employment program, which would coordinate with the chapters to develop policies and procedures.

The department would also ensure young tribal members receive adequate training and supervision, he wrote.

In addition, the president asked the chapters to develop programs to teach young people about culture, tradition and language.

The resolution authorizes that 50 percent of the appropriation be equally distributed among the 110 chapters, and the remaining half will be divided based on the number of registered voters in each chapter.

The Northern Agency chapters will receive a total of $381,852 from the supplemental funding, according to a budget form attached to the resolution.

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