Navajo education department hosts meeting

The Diné Department of Education is holding a public hearing in Shiprock on Monday about the transfer of authority of 32 Bureau of Indian Education schools on the Reservation to the Navajo Nation.

Daily Times Staff
Navajo Nation

FARMINGTON – The Diné Department of Education is holding a public hearing in Shiprock on Monday about the transfer of authority of 32 Bureau of Indian Education schools on the Navajo Reservation to the Navajo Nation.

The meeting will be held at 9 a.m. Monday at the Shiprock Chapter house.

The original location was scheduled for the Shiprock Associated Schools Inc. campus. SASI Executive Director Julia Donald said the location was changed because the schools are observing Veterans Day on Monday, and the campus will be closed.

The Shiprock meeting is one of five scheduled next week about the tribe's efforts to help develop a process to transfer the authority of 32 BIE schools and 34 tribally controlled and grant schools on the reservation to the Navajo Nation.

Public comment is sought as Navajo Nation works to define the transfer of authority and develop the Diné Consolidated School District, which would operate and manage the 66 schools.