Here are some steps for boiling contaminated water to keep you and your family safe from dangerous bacteria.


FARMINGTON — People visiting Chaco Culture National Historical Park should bring extra water.

The New Mexico Environment Department's Drinking Water Bureau issued a boil-water advisory for the park's water system Thursday after bacterial contamination was found.

According to a press release from the environment department, E. coli was found in multiple drinking water samples within the park's water system.

The boil-water advisory only affects Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The surrounding communities do not have a drinking water system. Chaco's water system does not extend outside of the park's boundaries.

People who do use water from Chaco's system should boil it for one minute before drinking, cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, feeding a baby, brushing their teeth, preparing drinks, making ice or watering pets, according to the press release. More information about boil-water advisories can be found at

For more information, contact the drinking water bureau compliance officer Tanya Trujillo at 505-222-9539.


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