Water line project may impact water pressure in some areas of Farmington for 24 hours

John R. Moses
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — A $197,000 public works project to remove an abandoned water line under 30th Street began June 13 with some prep work. On June 15 some residents in the project area may notice a reduced water flow from their taps for about 24 hours.

The shutoff of the main water distribution line under Main Street from west to east Farmington will happen late on the night of June 15 so crews can start digging up the old line at the intersection of East Main Street and 30th Street.

"We have scheduled the pre-work to start Monday afternoon to have everything ready for the water shutoff at 10 p.m. on Wednesday," City of Farmington Public Affairs Administrator Georgette Allen said via email June 13.

Allen said the city does not have a count of the number of businesses and residents affected, but provided a map of the project area.

This map shows an outline of the area that may be impacted by lower-than-usual water pressure for 24 hours starting at 10 p.m. on June 15 due to a city project that will remove an abandoned water main 10 feet below 30th Street in Farmington.

The city asked people in the project area via social media "to please refrain from large water usage during those 24 hours (such as outdoor irrigation, washing driveways or any other activity that uses water other than everyday domestic use) that could be put on hold for 24 hours."

"We don't anticipate anyone being out of water," Allen said via email. "Some areas will have reduced water flow."

Traffic restrictions started June 13

"We will be digging up an abandoned line that runs along 30th Street to remove a valve that is leaking processed water back through it," Allen said. 

The 36-inch concrete line is buried at least 10 feet deep.

There will be no right turns from 30th Street onto East Main Street during the project, which could end on June 17. 

"Please observe all road construction signs in the area," the city's notice said.

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