Los Hermanitos making significant strides with new patio at westside location

Matt Hollinshead
Farmington Daily Times
Los Hermanitos owner Sam Gonzales, seen here on Thursday, April 15, 2021, said the westside location's new patio will include cinder block walls to help block out traffic noise coming from U.S. Highway 64.

FARMINGTON — Despite delays in obtaining the necessary materials, Los Hermanitos is making significant strides to ensure its new westside patio is a long lasting, worthwhile investment.

And owner Sam Gonzales is pleased with the latest progress.

“It’s coming along quick. It took a long time to get our material due to COVID,” Gonzales said. “It’s real close to the end.”

Walls going up to curb noise

A solid wood roof is being installed, as are cinder block walls.

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The cinder block walls will be especially helpful because of the westside location’s proximity to U.S. Highway 64, Gonzales said.

“I wanted to isolate the noise from the patio where people can eat comfortable without having to plug their ears. We’ve got semi trucks coming up and down that road,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales also said his establishment is working to make the stucco application look more authentic.

Gonzales said he’s aiming to launch the new patio by the second week of May, possibly even the first week of May depending on how quickly things move along.

Gonzales is still factoring in San Juan County’s latest “Red to Green” status in the coming weeks, though.

“It’s hard to plan a game strategy when they keep changing the rules on you,” Gonzales said. 

Even so, Gonzales is excited about the patio’s final presentation itself.

“You’re getting a different visual view… It’s going to be a nice place,” Gonzales said.

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Los Hermanitos is finishing construction on a new patio at the westside location, which will include cinder block walls to help block out traffic noise coming from U.S. Highway 64.

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