San Juan County completes $700,000 project to improve, expand Glade Run Recreational Area

Matt Hollinshead,
A vehicle moves along Glade Road, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017 in the Glade Run Recreation Area in Farmington.

FARMINGTON — San Juan County announced it completed a series of projects to improve and expand access to the Glade Run Recreational Area.

“San Juan County sees and values outdoor recreation as a means of economic growth in the county,” San Juan County spokesperson Devin Neeley said. “This is an improved area that you can park and make sure the area’s still accessible by others.”

The Glade Run Recreational Area is located in Farmington's far north side.

Using $700,000 in grant money from the New Mexico Department of Transportation, the county invested in the following:

  • Archeological and Biological surveys and clearance in all areas where work was performed
  • Trailhead maps and trail signs
  • A new parking area for 60 vehicles off Calle Norte Trail to provide access to the Glade Run East trail system, which replaces inadequate parking using the road right-of-way
  • New motorized and non-motorized trail connections to Farmington Lake from the Glade Run Recreation Area 
  • Approximately four miles of new single-track mountain bike trails within the Anasazi trail system located off Hood Mesa Trail
  • New single-track mountain bike trail between the Glade Run East and Glade Run West trail systems along, NM 574 at the north end of the Glade Run Recreation Area
  • Approximately five miles of trail rehabilitation 

“We’re glad that the project is done. We’re glad to have these new amenities available,” Neeley said.

Glade Run Recreation Area is pictured in a file photo from May 2017, north of Farmington.

Neeley said the goal was to make the trails more fun and to make the area more “welcoming” for mountain bikers.

Neeley also said he’s glad about the project’s timing because the daytime temperatures will consistently be in the 50s and 60s in the coming days.

“Around here, recreation of that nature really only stops when there’s snow or ice on the trails,” Neeley said. “We anticipate that people will be able to use it. I would absolutely bet there will be people using amenities this weekend.”

The entrance to Glade Run Recreation Area is pictured, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017 in Farmington.,

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