FARMINGTON — While the City of Farmington has spent years working to promote outdoor recreation, a new pledge will provide residents the chance to show their support.

This idea for this pledge came from a tip Mayor Nate Duckett received a few years ago from his friend, Kathryn Pettijohn. She told him about a community in Oregon that had an outdoors pledge.

That idea stuck with the Farmington mayor, who worked with city staff to develop such a pledge. The City Council adopted it on Nov. 12.

This pledge is an opportunity for residents, visitors and businesses to show their support for the city’s efforts to promote the outdoor amenities and promote tourism.

It includes 10 tenets:

  • Enjoy outdoors with all
  • Follow the rules
  • Be a good neighbor
  • Be well prepared
  • Safety first and always
  • Leave no trace
  • Respect the experience
  • Be kind to signs
  • Keep Animals Safe
  • Be an ambassador

When reached by phone on Nov. 15, Duckett said the pledge will also grow awareness within the community of the region's various outdoors assets, and will encourage people to take care of these amenities.

“It’s kind of like the Civility First mentality for recreation,” he said, citing another city effort.

The Civility First Campaign was created by the Farmington Community Relations Commission and, like the Outdoor Pledge, it has 10 tenets. These tenets are character traits that promote positive interactions, mutual respect and social harmony, according to the city.

When the Civility First Campaign began, it included intensive efforts to increase public awareness. The Outdoor Pledge will soon see a similar effort. Like Civility First, the city will likely develop ways for Farmington businesses to show their support.

Now that the City Council has approved the Outdoor Pledge, Farmington will begin marketing it.

“Certainly you’re going to see these signs in the parks,” Duckett said.

He said the city also hopes to partner with the schools to educate children about the tenets of outdoor recreation.

More information about the city's ongoing efforts to promote outdoor recreation is available on the Farmington Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative Facebook page.

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