Mayor Nate Duckett encourages safety with fireworks and rivers this summer

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Farmington Mayor Nate Duckett and Fire Chief David Burke took the time this month to encourage residents to exercise personal responsibility and safety while shooting off fireworks and recreating near the river.

These two topics were the focus of this week’s The Mayor’s Table video.

When reached by phone, Duckett said he had already planned a Mayor’s Table with Burke to talk about fireworks when the river levels increased. He said they decided to address both topics at the same time.

The Farmington Fire Department trains for swift water rescue and the Farmington fire marshal inspects firework stands in city limits for illegal fireworks.

The video was released just days before firework stands will begin appearing. Fireworks go on sale statewide on June 20, Burke says during the video.

Firecrackers are displayed at ABC Unlimited at 5165 U.S. Highway 64 on Friday, June 23, 2017.

Farmington has ordinances different than many other parts of the state when it comes to fireworks. That means fireworks that are legal in the county may not be legal within city limits.

In the video, Burke outlines what fireworks can be shot off in Farmington and which ones are banned.

Weekend Berg Park visitors stop to read the warnings posted by the City of Farmington urging people not to walk on the park's riverfront paths due to dangers that include falling trees.

Duckett said he wanted to encourage residents to enjoy the Fourth of July and the local rivers in a safe manner.

Several city trails remain closed due to the high water. Farmington has posted signs in three locations on the river to warn rafters and kayakers to exit the water near low bridges and other potential hazards.

The Mayor’s Table videos are released every other week on the city’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Links are also posted on the city website,

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Last week the city closed down All Veterans Memorial Plaza and the middle parking lot on the north side of Berg Park due to saturated soil  that could cause trees to fall without warning and rising river levels that submerged parts of some trails.