Oso Grande Coffee Company offers free doughnuts on anniversary

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Oso Grande Coffee Company will have a special treat for customers on May 28 — each person who buys a drink will also receive half a dozen mini doughnuts.

The drive-thru coffee shop located on San Juan Boulevard is giving away doughnuts to celebrate its one-year anniversary. These doughnuts are made fresh at the coffee shop.

Oso Grande is a locally-owned coffee shop that serves both traditional drinks and specialty drinks like the popular Muddy Bear. The owners, Monica and Joe Gurule, describe the Muddy Bear as dark chocolate, caramel and hazelnut with shots of espresso and steamed milk.

The Gurules purchased a tiny home from San Juan College, converted it into a coffee shop and opened it on the San Juan Boulevard location on May 28, 2018. They say the organic coffee roasted in Durango, Colorado, is one thing that sets them apart from some of the chain coffee shops in Farmington.

The prices range from $2.45 for a tea to $7.50 before tax for the 24 ounce Oso Loco, which includes red bull.

The Gurules said the drive thru location has both advantages and disadvantages.

“For people on the go, they can just come in and grab their coffee and go,” Joe Gurule said. “Right now we do have our loyal regulars that come every day.”

However, Monica Gurule said it also has a disadvantage and the coffee shop hopes to change that.

Monica Gurule prepares coffee, Thursday, May 23, 2019, at Oso Grande Coffee Company in Farmington.

She said they plan on installing outdoor seating this summer.

“When we thought about opening a coffee shop, we wanted to be different in terms of our customer service,” Monica Gurule said.

Now she works at the coffee shop every day and oversees the operations. The Gurules said they want to be approachable for the customers.

“If the customer’s not satisfied with a drink, we give them a refund,” Monica Gurule said.

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Monica Gurule fills a cup with coffee, Thursday, May 23, 2019, at Oso Grande Coffee Company.
Monica Gurule prepares coffee, Thursday, May 23, 2019, at Oso Grande Coffee Company in Farmington.