Project expected to begin in summer 2019


FARMINGTON — As the city of Farmington prepares to begin phase three of the 20th Street sidewalk project, officials say drivers will not see as many interruptions as they did during the previous two phases.

That is because the previous phases included waterline relocation and storm drain work, in addition to the relocation of electric utility infrastructure and widening of the sidewalks. Phase three will mainly be the relocation of electric utility infrastructure and the widening of more sidewalks.

The city is contracting with Russell Planning & Engineering for design work.

The designs are at the 30 percent stage. The city is hoping to start construction on the sidewalk project in the summer.

Prior to the sidewalk construction, the electric utility will move infrastructure, like power lines. Some of the electrical lines will be buried while others will be attached to poles that will be placed in city right of way.

Farmington engineer Nica Westerling said there will be some waterline work between Monterey Avenue and Brookside Drive, as well as work on the storm drain in front of the Subway restaurant at the intersection with Dustin Avenue.

The project, which will be mainly on the north side of 20th Street between Sullivan and Dustin avenues, will bring the sidewalk into compliance with Americans with Disability Act standards.

Business owners and concerned residents attended a meeting Thursday evening at Farmington City Hall to learn construction impacts.

The biggest impact business owners will notice will be to the driveway entrances. ADA standards require almost-flat sidewalk surfaces, which will increase the slope of the driveways after the sidewalk.

“Once we flatten out the sidewalk, that grade’s going to get a little bit steeper,” said Darren Stewart, the project manager at Russell Planning & Engineering.

The 7 2 11 convenience store near the intersection with Butler Avenue also will have its entrances redone. Instead of having an open entrance, there will be two smaller entrances for cars to access the business.

The city has received a grant from New Mexico Department of Transportation for the project, but it does not have funding for the sidewalks on the south side of 20th Street between Sullivan and Dustin avenues.

Construction and design for phase three has been budgeted at $900,000.

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