Construction returning to 20th Street next year

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times
Traffic moves along East 20th Street Friday in Farmington. A reconstruction project is planned for the road next year.

FARMINGTON — Construction is scheduled to return to 20th Street next year, and the city is working to educate business and property owners about the project and how it will impact them.

A public meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Thursday at Farmington City Hall, 800 N. Municipal Drive.

The meeting will give residents an opportunity to comment about the proposed project, which will be similar to the work that was done about two years ago on 20th Street.

The city also will provide maps, markers and conceptual plans for the people who attend.

The meeting comes after previous phases of the project created congestion and limited access to businesses. One business owner claimed the lack of access to her store led to declining sales, resulting in the business closing in 2016.

This is phase three of the project that began in 2015. It will run from Sullivan Avenue to Dustin Avenue. Construction on phase three will cost about $900,000 and is paid for through state and city funds.

The project, which was featured in a Mayor’s Table video in 2017, involves burying electric lines and making sidewalks more pedestrian friendly. It also is designed to make 20th Street safer for people riding bicycles. The project is budgeted for completion in 2019.


Amanda Hayes, who works as a groomer at Canine Dez-Ign Inc. at 1407 E. 20th St., said the dog grooming business was located in Hutton Plaza when the plaza was impacted by construction work. She said the company's loyal clients continued to bring their dogs to the plaza to get groomed despite the inconvenience of the construction work. The business has moved farther west on 20th Street into a former hair salon that better met the needs of the business.

The owner of San Juan Nurseries on East 20th Street in Farmington says he knows access to his business will be restricted during a construction project on the road next year, but he said he supports the city's decision to perform the work.

Donnie Pigford, owner of San Juan Nurseries, 800 E. 20th St., said he is concerned about the public's access to his business. While there is some access off of Butler Avenue, Pigford said most people access the store from 20th Street. However, he said he supports the city’s decision to embark on the construction project.

“It’s equally as important, if not more important, that the city’s infrastructure is adequate,” Pigford said.

He anticipates loyal San Juan Nurseries customers will continue to frequent the business even if the access is restricted.

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