Woman killed in vehicle crash ran red traffic light

The Daily Times staff
Auto Crash

FARMINGTON — Police say an Aztec woman killed in a vehicle crash Sunday drove through a red traffic light.

Lisa Moore, 49, died at the San Juan Regional Medical Center from injuries sustained in the crash.

The crash occurred around 8:42 a.m. Sunday at the intersection of East Main Street and Beckland Drive.

Investigators determined Moore had driven through a red traffic light when she was traveling westbound on East Main Street and crashed into a Chevy Cobalt driving north on Beckland Drive, according to Farmington Police Department spokesperson Georgette Allen.

Moore was not wearing a seatbelt when the crash occurred.

Moore's vehicle veered right following the crash and struck a traffic signal pole on the northwest corner of the intersection.

The Cobalt's driver, 73-year-old David Rose, received minor injuries to one of his arms and was not transported to the hospital from the scene.

Traffic was restricted at the scene for nearly five hours Sunday.