Campaign outreach efforts ramping up


FARMINGTON — The San Juan County offices of both major political parties will open for regular hours leading up to the November general election to help people learn about their candidates and platforms.

The Republican Party of San Juan County plans on opening its office, located at 1819 E. 20th St., six days a week after the Fourth of July holiday, according to party chairman Drew Degner.

He said the party hopes to have the office open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

Meanwhile, the San Juan County Democratic Party is leasing a building near downtown to serve as its headquarters during this year’s election season. The hours have not been finalized, but party leaders are hoping to have the office open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

The building, located at 417 E. Main St. Suite C, will serve as a place for people to pick up political signs, volunteer, register to vote and get information about the elections. It will also be a place for candidates to raise funds.

Members of the Navajo Nation also will be able to register to vote in the Navajo Nation elections at the San Juan County Democratic Party building.

The candidates in the tribal elections are not grouped into political parties.

MP Schildmeyer, chairwoman of the San Juan County Democratic Party who is also running against incumbent Paul Bandy, R-Aztec, for a seat in the state House of Representatives, said while helping students at local high schools register to vote, she has noticed that many of them do not know what the Democratic and Republican parties believe in and how they are different.

“They know that they don’t know what it’s about, and they want to know,” she said.

Degner said he also has noticed teenagers who will be able to vote for the first time this year are not always informed about party politics. He said the party offices provide a personal touch for people who want to learn more about candidates and political parties.

"It's not always the easiest thing to find information on candidates or platforms," he said.

The local Republican Party can be reached at 505-327-9079, on Facebook under Republican Party of SJCNM and at

The local Democratic Party can be reached at 505-327-2111, on Facebook under Democratic Party of San Juan County and at

Information about the local Libertarian Party can be found on Facebook under Libertarian Party of San Juan County, New Mexico and at

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