Agreement ensures long-range options for riders


FARMINGTON — Navajo Nation residents can now take buses from the reservation to Santa Fe for $2, according to Red Apple Transit director Andrew Montoya.

The Navajo Transit System and Red Apple Transit celebrated a new partnership Friday at the bus stop at 1400 W. Main S., which is the location of Walmart.

Harrison Smith, acting manager for Navajo Transit, said the partnership was two years in the making. Through an agreement that was signed earlier this month, Navajo Transit riders can board Red Apple buses and travel through the area without paying an extra fare.

Farmington has a similar agreement with the North Central Regional Transit District, which serves Dulce and surrounding areas. The agreement with the North Central Regional Transit District would allow the riders to travel to Santa Fe, according to Montoya.

In addition to the new agreement, Farmington is looking to make it easier for riders to transfer from one bus route or bus system to another.

Farmington has contracted with the KFH Group Inc. to analyze proposed sites for a transfer hub for Red Apple Transit. The hub could also serve as a place where riders from the Navajo Transit System and the North Central Regional Transit District can board Red Apple buses, Ken Hosen, the project lead for the KFH Group, told the Farmington Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Committee during a meeting Wednesday in Farmington.

The study looking at possible locations for that station began this month and will likely take four months to complete. Farmington is paying the KFH Group about $59,000 for the study.

The goal will be to have a transit hub in a major destination location that can accommodate all the buses arriving at the same time.

“If they don’t pull in together, someone’s missing a bus,” Hosen said.

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