Independent movie set to film in Farmington

Aurora's Law is set for a five-day shoot this month in and around Farmington

Joshua Kellogg
Farmington Daily Times
Roxanne Fortner
  • Brent Garcia of Farmington is set to executive produce and direct the feature-length film.
  • The film will focus on the message of family, faith and redemption.
  • Production will use areas including local restaurants and San Juan College to film.

FARMINGTON — A Farmington man is hoping he can generate interest in the region as a potential filming location for the entertainment industry by shooting part of an independent film here.

The film Aurora's Law is scheduled to shoot in parts of Farmington from the Jan. 8 through Jan.12, according to Executive Producer and Director Brent Garcia.

Brent's production company 2414 Productions is a division of the company he owns called Garcia Brothers Marketing Company.

He said he's worked on several short films, but this will be his first feature-length film.

The film is about Aurora Hernandez, played by Roxanne Fortner, as she struggles to attend law school to become a lawyer as her mother – diagnosed with bipolar disorder – tries to keep her family together, according to Brent.

Roxanne is the daughter of San Juan County Commissioner and lawyer Jack Fortner.

The film, written by Alex Garcia, was described by Brent as a family drama told from the perspective of a faith-based worldview.

He added the film is influenced by those values but focuses on a message of family, faith and redemption.

Quinton Aaron

A number of actors including Quinton Aaron who portrayed Michael Oher in the 2009 film "The Blind Side" and Steven Michael Quezada, who played the character Steven Gomez on the television series Breaking Bad, will be in the film.

Brent described Farmington as a gorgeous area to film and he hopes other productions will use the area too.

"I have always wanted to make movies but I didn't want to move," Brent Garcia said.

The production is scheduled to film in areas around Farmington that include San Juan College, a couple of local restaurants and the San Juan Country Club.

"We want to show there are a good amount of locations we can use," Brent Garcia said.

Luke Renner, professor of digital media arts and design at San Juan College, is helping Brent with scouting locations. He said films and television shows have shot in the area.

Steven Michael Quezada

An episode of the television show Stargate Universe shot in the Bisti/De-na-zin Wilderness in recent years, according to Renner.

Several of Renner's students will work on the production of Aurora's Law. He also had students work on the 2014 Michael Douglas film "Beyond the Reach," which was shot in and around Farmington.

"It's a good way to find out if this what you want do," Renner said.

Working on the production will help the students learn how films operate on a strict schedule and budget.

The production is looking for background actors for a graduation scene scheduled to film the morning of Jan. 9.

They are looking for about 40 to 50 extras dressed to attend a graduation ceremony for a shoot scheduled to last about two to three hours.

The location has not been finalized but Brent said it could be at a Farmington hotel or San Juan College.

Those interested in participating in the Jan. 9 shoot, or additional scenes during the five-day shoot, can call 505-801-7515 or send an email to 

After the five-day shoot, production on the film is set to move Albuquerque for about 10 days.

The production plans to return to Farmington after Jan. 20, but the dates have not been finalized, according to Brent.

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Note: This article was modified to correct the contact email for the movie production company. — ED.