A pit bull mix has been at the shelter since Aug. 1 and a tabby cat has been at the shelter since Sept. 9


FARMINGTON — Animals at the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter are looking for new homes to start the new year.

While some pets only spend a couple days at the shelter, others have been at the shelter for months. Among these long-term residents are a dog named Lady and a cat named Daisy Mae.

Lady has been there longer than any other pet currently at the shelter. The pit bull terrier mix was surrendered on Aug. 1 when her owners could no longer care for her.

The brindle dog wagged her tail eagerly as people approached her cage on Tuesday. Lady has a little gray on her muzzle and is considered a senior dog.

"She's six years old, but still has a lot of life and love to give," said Amber Francisco, community programs manager for the shelter.

Daisy Mae has been at the shelter longer than any other feline currently at the shelter. The one-year-old black and gray tabby was surrendered on Sept. 9 and lives in a social room with other cats at the shelter. A little patch of tan fur can be seen on her front paw.

Daisy Mae ran through a tunnel and batted at toys as Nevaeh Martinez, 5, played with her on Tuesday at the shelter. The cat meowed as she looked up at people visiting her in the room.

The number of animals entering the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter increased this year compared to last year.

About 1,400 dogs and cats were surrendered to the animal shelter between January and November this year compared to a little more than 1,120 during the same period last year, according to the November monthly report. More than 1,880 stray dogs and cats entered the shelter between January and November this year compared to nearly 1,860 last year. 

Francisco said the dog intake numbers have been similar this year to the previous year, but cat intake numbers are up.

"We are continuing to remain full of cats," she said.

The shelter previously transferred cats to a shelter in Colorado, but that shelter closed earlier this year. Francisco said that has contributed to the cat crowding at the shelter, however there are two new shelter partners that will be taking pets from the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter starting in January.

For more information about adoptable pets, go to fmtn.org or call 505-599-1098.

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