Farmington residents could save on flood insurance

The Daily Times staff


FARMINGTON — Approximately 100 Farmington residents who own houses in a flood plain will now be able to save 10 percent on flood insurance.

People who live outside of the special flood designation areas are also able to save 5 percent on flood insurance.

Farmington participates in the voluntary Stormwater Community Ratings System program that provides residents in flood zones with discounts on insurance based on efforts the city takes to minimize flood dangers.

This year, the city's ranking improved from a class 9 to a class 8 in the Stormwater Community Ratings System. Class 1 is the best ranking, and people who live within cities that have a class 1 rank can save 45 percent on flood insurance.

During a City Council meeting, City Engineer Nica Westerling said the city could move to class 7 in the future if it chose to change building ordinances for new structures in flood zones.

"That's probably the biggest bang for the buck," she said.

If the city receives the class 7 rating, it will allow people to save 15 percent on their flood insurance.