City Council to discuss Civic Center expansion

Hannah Grover

FARMINGTON — The city of Farmington is moving closer to a renovation of the Farmington Civic Center.

City Council members met Tuesday to discuss the renovation and expansion of the Farmington Civic Center.

The City Council will discuss revised designs for the civic center expansion and renovation during a workshop Tuesday morning.

If the council approves the designs on Tuesday, blueprints for the project will be created, and the city will begin accepting bids from contractors for the expansion and renovation.

About a month ago, the council approved $11.5 million in financing for the project. City Manager Rob Mayes said the money comes from a $2.50 daily fee that visitors pay to stay in a hotel room in the city. He said the money can only be spent only on the civic center.

The revised design plans were prepared following public comments the city received after the original designs were unveiled during a public meeting in June.

The planned renovation and expansion of the Farmington Civic Center already has drawn $11.5 million in financing.

The final concept that the council will vote on Tuesday involves a 5,500-square-foot expansion at the north end of the existing ballroom, Mayes said.

In addition to the expansion, the interior and exterior of the civic center will be renovated.

"The whole area out front (will be) transformed into a big, beautiful courtyard," Mayes said.

He said this courtyard will be designed to be both aesthetically attractive and functional for events like the Totah Festival.

If the City Council approves the revised designs for the Farmington Civic Center project Tuesday, blueprints for the work will be created and bids from contractors will be sought.

"We can have big, big events out on the new courtyard out front," he said.

Hannah Grover covers government for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4652.