FARMINGTON — An annual event at the Farmington Public Library allowed families to show off their wood pallet creations today.

The third annual Pallet Throwdown invited people to create masterpieces for the chance to win prizes. Families brought in projects like a "Star Trek"-inspired toy box, a chair shaped like Mater from "Cars" and a train-shaped playground.

Donnie Klitzke and his daughter Tori, 13, entered the "Star Trek"-inspired box. The two of them are self-proclaimed science-fiction fans and entered a "Star Wars"-theme project last year.

"He was up really late all the time," Tori said of her father. She said she would stay up late helping him as he built the toy box.

"I just was trying to think of something that would be original," Donnie Klitzke said.

People who attended the event were given two poker chips to use to vote for their favorite entry.

"It really embodies the recycle, reuse, upcycle," said Aaron Boggs, the computer support supervisor at the library, of the contest. "If you look around, you really see people are making amazing things out of what would otherwise be trash."

Kaylee Murphy, 16, spent weeks building the chair that resembled Mater from "Cars."

"He's the whirly, funny character," she said as she sat beside the chair.

Today was Murphy's first year participating in the Pallet Throwdown, and she enjoyed the event.

"I love building in general," she said.

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