Get Mom Down raises money for houses in Africa

The Daily Times staff
Shonna Jordan looks through her phone on May 14, 2015, while relaxing on her bed in a tent on the roof of Treadworks in Farmington. This year, Jordan is once again participating in "Get Mom Down," a campaign that raises money for the nonprofit Houses with Hope.

FARMINGTON – An Albuquerque resident is living on the roof of a local business while her son collects donations to get her down.

Shonna Jordan is living on the roof at Treadworks, 4227 E. Main St., to promote her effort to raise money for the nonprofit Houses with Hope, which was established by her parents Ronna and Andy Jordan in 2003.

The organization builds houses for widows and orphans in Africa. Each house costs $400 to build, and volunteers from the Four Corners go to Africa yearly to help villagers in rural areas build houses. Houses with Hope also raises funds for the Four Corners Home for Children, which has housed Navajo children since 1953 as part of Navajo Ministries. Some of the funds from Get Mom Down will go to the home for children.

The nonprofit hopes the Get Mom Down campaign will raise $120,000 this year, according to Ronna Jordan. Last year, the campaign raised about $80,000.

Shonna Jordan started living on the roof on Sunday and hopes to be down by Tuesday.