New book focuses on conflict resolution

Hannah Grover
A new ebook by Farmington resident Ron Price is now available on Amazon.

FARMINGTON – After 28 years of helping people work through conflict, Farmington resident Ron Price believes he has developed a formula to help colleagues resolve disputes.

Price's new ebook — "P.L.A.Y. N.I.C.E. in Your Sandbox at Work" — was released Friday on The book's title includes this formula for conflict resolution — push the pause button; list 10 positive qualities; assume good intent; yield; negotiate with, not against, the other person; identify key underlying issues and interests; cooperate to reach a mutually beneficial agreement; and explore options.

The title also comes from childhood experiences playing in the sandbox. Price said children often work together to build sand structures in the sandbox.

"I think all of life is a sandbox," he said on Thursday.

Ron Price says his new book "P.L.A.Y. N.I.C.E. in Your Sandbox at Work" is only the first in a series he plans to write.

Farmington business owner Randy Large wrote the forward for the book. Large, who owns a photography studio and a consulting business, describes the book as "empowering."

"I liked the fact that it's putting information out there for people to resolve issues themselves," Large told The Daily Times.

The book is the first book in a series that will include "P.L.A.Y. N.I.C.E. in Your Sandbox at School," "P.L.A.Y. N.I.C.E. in Your Sandbox at Church" and "P.L.A.Y. N.I.C.E. in Your Sandbox at Home." He also hopes to publish a "toolbox" to go along with his books.

"It's very common sense, but common sense is not always common," Price said.

As he does in the weekly marriage columns he writes for The Daily Times, Price tries to keep the tone of the book light. He says laughter is an important part of conflict resolution.

"A day without laughter is a wasted day," he said.

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