New coffee shop opens in downtown Farmington

Hannah Grover
Ryan Niehaus prepares an order on Friday at 302 Espresso inside the Artifacts Gallery in Farmington.

FARMINGTON —  A new coffee shop in downtown Farmington has attracted a steady stream of customers since opening its doors on Black Friday.

Located inside Artifacts Gallery on Main Street, 302 Main Espresso focuses on selling quality coffee that doesn't rely on sweeteners to mask the taste, said Tennille Taylor, who owns the new shop with her husband, Ryan Niehaus.

"We're not about trying to hide the coffee," Taylor said.

Since the shop opened, Taylor said, customers have trickled in daily. Many people have returned several times, she said.

"There's always new people coming in," Niehaus added.

In addition to coffee, the shop offers a small selection of pastries, including croissants and pain au chocolat.

"Everything is made on site," Taylor said. "We try to do everything on site."

Orders are served on handmade wooden trays with places for drinks, pastries and a small cup of water.

A latte and a croissant are served on Friday at 302 Espresso, located inside the Artifacts Gallery in Farmington. The new coffee shop opened on Black Friday.

The shop is located inside the old Farmington Lumber store and its decor embraces that history.

Old lumber is still stacked in a loft above the coffee shop, and a sign from the lumber store days hangs at one end of the business.

Renovations for the coffee shop started about a year ago at Artifacts Gallery, which is owned by Taylor's family. The gallery is located at 302 E. Main St.

Taylor said the family felt that the area could use a coffee place where people could gather and stay for a while. 302 Main Espresso has a large area for customers to sit and sip their coffee, with plenty of space between tables.

While Taylor and Niehaus have been working on the shop for about a year, Niehaus said he was still surprised by how quickly everything got off the ground.

"It was a future plan," Niehaus said. "It happened a little faster than we thought."

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Ryan Niehaus steams milk on Friday at 302 Espresso inside the Artifacts Gallery in Farmington.