Farmington shoppers hit Thanksgiving sales

Joshua Kellogg

FARMINGTON – The parking lots of local department and big-box stores were filled Thursday night as shoppers took advantage of retailers opening for Thanksgiving sales.

Some stores, including Bealls and JCPenney, opened Thursday afternoon, while retailers like Walmart, Target, OfficeMax and Dick’s Sporting Goods opened at 6 p.m. Kmart opened its doors at 6 a.m. Thursday.

Customers enter the store on Thursday at Dick's Sporting Goods in Farmington.

Eager shoppers at Best Buy formed a line nearly the length of the Plaza Farmington, which also houses T.J. Maxx, Safeway and Petco, before the store’s doors opened.

Employees were all hands on deck at Dick’s Sporting Goods on East Main Street as they prepared for the biggest shopping day of the year following their grand opening earlier this month.

Ryan Polosky, a community marketing manager for Dick’s Sporting Goods, said in a phone interview Wednesday that it’s an important time of the year for the company as it prepares for a lot of foot traffic.

Customers wait in line Thursday before the doors open at Best Buy in Farmington.

Polosky said the new store's early-November opening allowed store management and employees a chance to become familiar with the store’s operations before the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales brought in a new wave of shoppers.

AJ Begay was at the front of the line to get into the store, arriving about 70 minutes before the store doors opened. She said she wanted to get a good deal on ammunition.

“I have no idea what the deal was, but I’m getting something,” Begay said.

The sporting goods store remained open until 2 a.m. today before closing for three hours and reopening at 5 a.m. Polosky said safety and security is a top priority for the company, and the three-hour break would allow the staff to rotate and provide time to reset the store.

Colton Garlick, right, of La Plata, hands out ammo to customer Buddy Petersen, of Fort Worth, Texas, on Thursday at Dick's Sporting Goods in Farmington.

Some stores, including Target and JCPenney, remained open overnight into Black Friday.

Lakeisha Begay said she was at JCPenney before arriving at Dick’s Sporting Goods and left the Animas Valley Mall department store after deciding it was too crowded. She said she and her boyfriend didn’t eat a Thanksgiving meal with family this year, and the sales on the holiday gave her time to shop at more stores as she searched for a pair of Nike running shoes.

Customers wait in line Thursday outside Best Buy in Farmington.

Emerson Smith and Blabina Begay were two of the first people in line at Sears near the east entrance of the mall, where they waited in line to buy clothing, shoes, auto supplies and

household appliances.

Smith said it was his first time shopping on Thanksgiving. He was in line for a lawn mower, automotive floor jack and vacuum cleaner.

He said his family was splitting up to hit as many stores as possible, and the mild weather made waiting in line more tolerable.

Customers line up outside Dick's Sporting Goods in Farmington on Thursday.

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